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September 16, 2020 Written by Brad Russell

Your Metabolism and How You Can Supercharge It

Sporty young woman runing and jumping near molecule chain.Metabolism often has a bad reputation. When people gain weight, they often blame their metabolism. Whether it is fast or slow, we all have it.

But what is metabolism exactly? And does it really have an essential role to play in the weight loss game?


What is Metabolism?

Understanding metabolism involves a lot of science. But to summarise, it is a term used to describe every chemical reaction in the body. It is not exclusive in humans but every organism with a living cell. The chemical reactions are what keep the body functioning.

There are two categories of metabolism:

  1. Anabolism, which pertains to the breaking down of all the compounds required by the cells to stay alive
  2. Catabolism, which is the synthesis of molecules for the cells to obtain energy

Metabolism is related to nutrition. When the body has access to the nutrients it requires, it will function properly. It is why healthy people usually have a high metabolic rate, which is the number of calories they burn. If this rate is high, shedding off pounds is much easier. Even better, keeping the unwanted weight away is achievable.

Another reason why having a higher metabolic rate is preferred is that you will have more energy. In general, you feel a lot better because you are not sluggish, especially in the afternoon.


Can You Improve Your Metabolism?

You may be among those people who already know that slow metabolism can increase weight gain. If you are watching your weight, this particular chemical reaction is your holy grail. But the real question is: can you really make it better?

In reality, some people are naturally blessed with a speedy metabolism. It could be genetics, but it can also be whether you are a male or a female. Men have the tendency to burn more calories compared to women, even when they are not doing anything.

Age is also a huge factor. When you reach 40, your metabolism will steadily slow down. You cannot control these factors, but to answer the question above, yes, you can improve your metabolism.

Here are the best and proven ways to do it:


1. Eat Protein

Man with protein foodEach time you eat food, your metabolism increases for at least an hour. It is all thanks to the thermic effect of food (TEF). When you consume food, your body taps into extra calories and uses them to digest and absorb nutrients.

But there is one nutrient that prompts your body to increase TEF the largest, and that’s protein. Eating protein-rich foods can increase your metabolic rate by at least 15%. For comparison, carbs will increase your metabolic rate by five to 10% while it is a zero to three per cent increase with fats.
A lot of studies have also proven that adding more protein in your diet will help prevent overeating. It is because you often feel full when you consume the nutrient. A specific study even claimed that people tend to eat approximately 440 fewer calories daily if their diet is comprised of 30% protein.

Another great benefit that many people do not know about is that protein reduces metabolic rate drop, which happens when you lose fat. For instance, if you go on an intense diet, it leads to muscle loss. Eating more protein can prevent it from happening.


2. Drink Water

When you drink water, you have a higher chance of losing weight than those who love sugary drinks. Water does not have calories and can even speed up your metabolism. Of course, this effect is only temporary but it can accumulate and will help you keep unwanted weight off.

According to studies, drinking at least 17 ounces or half a litre of water will increase your resting metabolism by up to 30% for an hour.

A common question relating to water consumption and weight loss is, “Should you drink cold or hot water?” Both are said to be beneficial but drinking cold water is the better choice to take advantage of the calorie-burning effect. The reason is that the body will continue utilising energy to heat itself up. Therefore, more calories will be burned.

Water is also filling. You do not need scientific evidence for that.


3. Do HIIT Workouts

HIIT workoutHigh-intensity interval training (HIIT) is such a huge hit for people who want to lose weight. Why? It’s simple: the exercises are effective.

HIIT workouts involve quick and intense movements. You burn more fat because you increase your metabolic rate.

Even better, the effect lingers even after you are done with your workout. You can already tell that it’s one of the best ways to lose weight.


4. Lift Weights

Compared to fat, our muscles are more active metabolically speaking. Therefore, building your muscles can help improve your metabolism, leading to more calories burned even at rest. When you lose weight, you will encounter a few problems, mainly reduced metabolic rate and muscle retention. You can combat these issues when you lift weights.


5. Stand Up

Office jobs are often deemed unhealthy, especially because many employees tend to sit for several hours. Unfortunately, sitting too much is not good for your health. You do not have to be an office worker to experience the side effects. Many people at home will not stand up and move around because they are too engrossed with what they are watching on TV, or they are simply glued to their phones.

Sitting is even dubbed as the new smoking. You burn fewer calories, which eventually lead to weight gain. Instead of sitting, you can stand up at work, which will allow you to burn extra 170+ calories. For those with desk jobs, you can take a break and spend a short time standing. A sure-fire way is to use a standing desk so that you can stay on your feet for longer than sitting.


6. Drink Tea

Beautiful young woman drinking teaMany studies have shown that green and oolong teas are great for increasing metabolism. They can speed things up by four per cent or more.

Although other teas are also beneficial, these two types are considered the best at helping you avoid weight gain. They convert the fat in your body into free fatty acids, which in turn leads to increased fat burning by up to 17%.

Also, these teas are low in calories, so they are also useful in weight maintenance. It is also believed that they contain metabolism-boosting properties, so you do not reach everyone’s dreaded weight-loss plateau. This issue typically surfaces when metabolism has decreased.


7. Eat Spicy Food

Capsaicin is a substance that is abundant in peppers. It can help boost metabolism. Unfortunately, many people are not a fan of spicy foods, especially reaching a specific high dose to gain benefits.

A study revolving around capsaicin can burn 10 extra calories for each meal. It’s not much, but this number can add up, and you can lose weight more, particularly if you incorporate other ways to boost your metabolism.


8. Choose ZEN BODI

Zen productsNo matter what your weight goals may be, Jeunesse always has something for you. The ZEN BODI range includes products that can zap those unwanted fats while also helping you become leaner. It’s the ultimate body goal. You do not just look fit, but you feel healthier, too.

The ZEN BODI range is an all-inclusive system that enables you to transform your body. Of course, you need to exercise regularly and eat healthy. But if you do not see results, you need a boost. And who does not want to see their hard work paying off as quickly as possible?

You have a few products to choose from, including ZEN Prime and ZEN Shape. They both have incredible ingredients that provide weight loss effects. ZEN Prime helps in cleansing the body while allowing you to absorb nutrients more efficiently. This way, you will see that eating healthy does work.

ZEN Shape, on the other hand, is the dream product of those who genuinely want to shed pounds. It can burn fat while curbing hunger. It is also effective in speeding up your metabolism and reducing muscle loss.

Do you want to kickstart your journey to weight loss? Reach out to us if you wish to order Jeunesse products or to ask questions. SkinStyle is always happy to help!

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