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October 29, 2018 Written by Brad Russell

Why Good Skin Care is Important for Men

Whether your skin is thin or thick, fair or dark, or young or old, good skin care is just as important for men as for women. There is not a man I know who eagerly looks forward to having age lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. Being manly does not mean that you have to wear your ruggedness on your face. With no extra effort, we men can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles that will take years off of our appearance. And, another advantage to having a younger, healthier appearance is that it is also attractive to the ladies.

Skin Care for Men

So, why is good skin care important for men? Good question. And here are the reasons why taking care of your skin can be beneficial for your health, your mental wellness, and your sex appeal. We all want to become a silver fox as we mature, not something the cat dragged in. Here is how the Jeunesse skin care products can help:


  1. Cleansing: Did you know that washing your face with regular soap and water can actually rob your skin of essential protective oils and collagen that encourage the formation of fine lines and wrinkles? This happens because the majority of soaps do not contain the beneficial hydroxy acids, green tea and aloe extracts, and exfoliants found in the Jeunesse Luminesce Cleanser that will remove facial dirt and dead skin cells while also working into the deeper layers to fight sagging skin. The results of using the Jeunesse Luminesce Cleanser are clear, clean skin, firmer skin, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and a brighter, more youthful skin appearance.

    You’re going to wash your face every day anyway, so why not wash with a cleanser that will not only clean your face, but also get rid of impurities, diminish facial aging, and keep your skin hydrated. All of these benefits are gained with the use of Jeunesse Luminesce Cleanser in the same time it already takes to wash your face in the morning and evening. When combined with Jeunesse Luminesce Daily Moisturizer after each washing cleansing, you are going to give your face the gift of firmer, more youthful skin.

    Learn to Luminesce

  2. Shaving: It may surprise you to know while daily shaving does help in exfoliating your skin, it is also a contributing factor to weakening your facial moisture barrier that leads to early signs of aging. To help reduce the occurrences of cuts, scraps, bumps, and ingrown hairs, and signs of aging, remember to shave your face following the natural direction that your hair grows.

    If you automatically splash your face with a skin bracer after shaving, please stop. Skin bracers actually over dry out your pores and leave your face exposed to free radicals and UV damage. What you can do to replenish the moisture removed by shaving is to apply a small layer of Jeunesse Luminesce Daily Moisturizer. This moisturizer last for hours, keeps your face hydrated, and contains essential sunscreen ingredients to protect against harmful environmental toxins, reduce age spots, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

  3. Eyes: Three prominent signs of aging are puffy eyes, crows’ feet, and dark circles around the eyes. An excellent way to combat these signs is with the use of Jeunesse Instantly Ageless serum. It contains a proprietary blend of glycerin and peptides that reduces the signs of aging, crows’ feet, dark circles, and puffy eyes in just two minutes.

    Applying a few drops of Jeunesse Instantly Ageless below and around your eyes in the morning after you cleanse and moisturize your face is all you need for an alert and energized appearance.


Jeunesse Luminesce Essential Body RenewalDaily showers or baths will keep us clean, but this routine also robs our skin of essential hydration, leaving our bodies exposed to UV toxins and free radicals. Just towel drying also encourages dry skin, rough skin, itchy skin, age spots, and crepe-like, sagging skin. These are all signs of aging.

The best way to replenish your skin’s protective barrier is to moisturize your skin after bathing. Jeunesse Luminesce Essential Body Renewal is the best product on the market. This body renewal lotion is easily absorbed, effectively works to repair dry, damaged, rough, and itchy skin, hydrates your skin cells, smooths and firms sagging skin, reduces age spots, minimizes wrinkles, visibly brightens skin tones, and adds a protective moisture barrier to repel harmful environmental toxins.

For those of us who spend lots of time outdoors, protecting our skin from the weather, bug bites, and free radicals with Jeunesse Luminesce Essential Body Renewal is a real solution.


Jeunesse Products Worldwide Full RangeA few fine lines on our faces may give us an air of maturity, but there is no reason that we have to live with the deep lines and leathery look of an alligator when, without any extra effort, we can really fool Mother Nature.

I don’t know about you guys, but I totally enjoy being carded when I go into a pub, even though I am well pass the age for drinking. You can plan for the future and get a jump start on healthy aging before you see the telltale signs of aging. All you need to do is alter your daily skin care routine with the addition of beneficial Jeunesse face and body products.

For me, the best part about using Jeunesse products is that I can easily and quickly order them online without ever needing to go shopping at a store. No muss, no fuss, and all the gains are achieved in the same time you already spend on bathroom. You have nothing to lose and you can send me a thank you later when you see the positive results.

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