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The Science Behind Jeunesse

Science Behind Jeunesse SkincareIn just a few years, Jeunesse has emerged as a leading skin care company with solutions for anti-aging and beauty. The reasons for Jeunesse’s rise are based on a substantial collection of scientific knowledge and research. Jeunesse’s Advisory Board includes a team of doctors with specialties in cosmetic surgery, anesthesiology, and preventative medicine.

The worldwide network of Jeunesse distributors rely on the company’s constant devotion to the latest developments in skin care research. Jeunesse stands on the cutting edge of anti-aging technology with its unparalleled Youth Enhancement System.


The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.)

Jeunesse’s innovative Youth Enhancement System is built around six pillars of beautification and age reversal. This comprehensive system reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improves clarity and smoothness of your skin.

The experienced doctors on Jeunesse’s Advisory Board and Research & Development Team have created an effective combination of direct-application skin products and oral supplements that is proven to restore skin to its youthful qualities.

Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System


Six Vital Scientific Strategies

1.) Rejuvenate

Researched, designed, and developed by a team of top dermatologists, Jeunesse’s anti-aging Luminesce line is a series of formulas that include a substantial dose of APT-200. This proprietary ingredient is the key antioxidant that works to restore hydration and vitality to your skin. The six products comprising the Luminesce line rehabilitate your appearance and protect your skin from future weathering. Daily solutions like the Luminesce Moisturising Complex and Advanced Night Repair provide constant support for healthy skin.

2.) Diminish

In addition to providing long-term protection and aesthetic improvement, Jeunesse offers an immediate option for improved skin and appearance. Their Instantly Ageless microcream has been meticulously designed to reduce symptoms of aging in less than two minutes (see the video below). Once applied to the skin, Instantly Ageless tightens, lifts, and firms; it even eliminates the appearance of pores for a complete skin solution. The commitment necessary to maintain long-term skin solutions can feel unrewarding at first; Instantly Ageless offers consolation with its quick and satisfying results.

3.) Restore

As cells age, this causes physical deterioration such as wrinkles. Jeunesse products help to diminish the physical signs of aging.

4.) Defend

Jeunesse ReserveAs Jeunesse’s system of compounds and formulas reverses the natural skin corrosion associated with aging, Jeunesse Reserve kick-starts your body’s internal systems to preserve your overall health and defend against future damage.

Reserve boasts a recipe of antioxidant-rich fruits like acai berries, pomegranate, concord grapes and blueberries. These common buries share one common factor; they’re incredibly high in anthocyanin content, which supports internal processes on several levels. Reserve’s secret ingredient is resveratrol, an invaluable compound that supports a number of bodily functions.

5.) Balance

Jeunesse have developed the Zen Bodi system.

6.) Enhance

Rounding out Jeunesse’s profile of supplements, their system of AM and PM Essentials.

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