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February 18, 2019 Written by Brad Russell

Dry Winter Skin Got You Down? Say Goodbye to the Blahs and Hello to Radiance

Hello to radiance

Dry skin is not attractive! When the winter weather is wreaking havoc on your skin, you may feel like hiding it until spring makes its appearance. Thankfully, you do not have to go to this extreme. We can help you say goodbye to the winter blahs and hello to beautifully radiant skin, even in the dead of winter.

We want to help you take care of your skin from the inside out. We can help you achieve the beautiful, radiant skin you long for. With the right healthy lifestyle and Jeunesse, your skin will be glowing even when Old Man Winter is raging.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Did you know the diet you consume can have a profound effect on the health of your skin? What you eat determines how your skin is nourished. A diet of mostly junk food is going to lead to acne, increased signs of aging, and skin dryness.

Finding it difficult to stay on track? Jeunesse Reserve is the answer! This flavorful elixir uses the health superpower of red grapes to flood your body with antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that lead to the signs of aging.

Simply cutting out sugar and eating a wide array of healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can make a huge difference in the health of your skin. Adding Jeunesse Reserve will further protect your health and greatly improve how you look and feel.
Jeunesse Reserve

Jeunesse is focused on creating the highest of quality products. Our health line is second to none and gives your body the nutrients it needs. If you are not nourishing your body, your skin is the first organ that will begin to suffer.

One of the reasons you should seek the best nutrition for your body is fighting free radicals. Free radicals attach to your healthy cells and take them hostage. They begin to change the DNA of your cells and can eventually cause skin cancer formation and premature aging.

Jeunesse is focused on helping you fight free radicals, even if your diet is less than stellar. Jeunessse AM & PMoffers all the protection your skin needs. Not only do these supplements shield your DNA from damage which leads to premature aging of the skin, they also help to improve your mental clarity and energy levels.

As the name suggests, you simply take the AM formula in the morning and the PM formula at night. With these two formulas working synergistically, even your existing cellular damage can be repaired. These capsules are time-released so they each keep fighting for your better health over a twelve-hour period.

Jeunesse Am & Pm Essentials

Hydration Is Key

Jeunesse Naara

Most of us do not nearly drink enough water each day. Proper hydration is a must, especially during the ravages of winter. If your skin is peeling, dry, and dull, you are not drinking enough water. Eight glasses a day is a minimum and some people may need to drink more.

To add more skin-nourishing punch to your water, check out Jeunesse Naara. These delicious tangerine flavored packets fit right in your purse and are ready to add to your water at any time.

Jeunesse Naara helps your skin to regain the collagen it has lost. Most women are not aware they lose around 30% of their collagen for each decade of life. If your skin is not springing back and does not look supple, a lack of collagen is likely to blame.

In just four weeks, you can begin to see noticeable improvements in the tone and appearance of your skin. The delicious taste will make you want to drink your water as you should.

Exercise Makes for Healthy Skin

Jeunesse Nevo

Most people are shocked when they learn exercise can have a profound effect on the health of their skin. Your skin is a living, breathing organ that needs oxygen and proper blood flow to remain healthy.

When you exercise on a regular basis, your circulatory system becomes stronger. With increased blood flow, the nutrients your skin needs are promptly delivered to your skin cells. Increased blood flow offers the following benefits to your skin.

  • Increased oxygen
  • Steady supply of nutrients
  • Elimination of waste products
  • Attacks free radicals
  • Neutralizes toxins

Exercise does not have to be boring! Many activities can get your heart rate up, including dancing, skating, swimming, and boxing. Find an activity you love doing and stick with it, for healthier skin.

If you find yourself lacking energy and feeling lethargic, you may find it more difficult to remain active. Thankfully, Jeunesse has a product that can give you back the energy you need.

Jeunesse NEVO is a natural energy drink that will fill your body with the nutrients it needs to deliver energy when it is needed most. These tasty drinks contain a blend of green tea, Guarana berries, and other vital ingredients that promote greater energy.

Drink these delicious drinks before your workout and you will stay motivated and full of energy the entire session. NEVO is available in four delicious flavors: Peach Mango, Mixed Berry, Lemon Ginger, and Acai Grape.

Why Is Winter So Rough on Your Skin?

The cold, dry air of winter tends to zap the moisture right out of your skin. You may notice your forehead, nose, and chin are dryer and duller than normal. Your hands will also take on the brunt of winter and become dry and chapped.

Moisturizing and protecting your skin is important all year long, but especially so during the cold winter months. Protecting your skin with a barrier of moisture will help to prevent the oils of your skin from being stripped.

Some moisturizers are overly greasy and they can actually make a dry skin problem worse. If you hate the greasy feel of some moisturizers, we recommend you try Jeunesse Daily Moisturizer.

This moisturizer contains botanicals that are able to be absorbed right into your skin. With this daily moisturizer, your skin will be protected all day long, even when you are out in the bitter cold. It places a moisturizing shield on your face. This protection is vital during the winter.

Jeunesse has created the perfect moisturizer that is free of parabens and oils that clog your skin. A small amount in the morning and evening is all you need to keep your skin protected, moisturized, and glowing. This moisturizer is so lightweight, you will not even know it is there.
Jeunesse Luminesce Daily Moisturiser

Should You Exfoliate Your Skin in Winter?

When dry skin rears its ugly head, you may consider exfoliation, but is this really necessary? While exfoliation can do wonders for the appearance of your skin, it can also lead to damage.

Many women use exfoliators that contain bits of nut kernels or other rough materials that can scrape the skin and cause microscopic damage. We recommend you do not exfoliate your skin without the help of a professional.

An alternative to exfoliation is our Jeunesse Luminesce Cleanser. This cleanser gently removes the dirt and free radicals from your skin. It also goes to work on increasing the cell renewal process. This means those dead layers will be washed away without major intrusion to your skin.

Jeunesse Luminesce Cleanser

It is clear to see, Jeunesse has a product for all of your health needs. Browse the catalog of products and check out the ones we have recommended above.

Putting these tips into action will not only dramatically change the health of your skin, but the health of your entire body. Don’t wait for spring to get started on improving your health. Now is the time! We look forward to hearing from you once you try these products and begin noticing positive changes in your skin health.

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