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Jeunesse MX20 black water drink is a beneficial dietary supplement exclusively formulated to provide the body with 70 plus essential trace minerals, fulvic acid, and humic acid.

These ingredients work to boost the function of the immune system, to support the digestive tract, to enhance and detox the gut, and to safeguard the overall health systems performances. When consumed on a regular basis, the complexities of the formula in the Jeunesse MX20 drink complement each other for personal wellness and energy sustainment for health-conscious individuals.

The MX20 dietary supplement is part of the exclusive Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System, Y.E.S., line of health and beauty products.
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1. What are the ingredients in Jeunesse MX20?

Answer: Every bottle of Jeunesse MX20 contains organic root powder, organic fulvic acid, organic humic acid and more than 70 essential trace minerals formulated to supplement the lack of nutrients in our daily diet.

2. What are the benefits of drinking MX20?

Answer: When taken daily, Jeunesse MX20 works to hydrate the body, support the 8.5+ pH alkaline balance in the body, replenish essential nutrient absorption levels with over 70 essential trace minerals, enhance the digestion system, assist in toxin removals, defend against inflammation, support healthy hair, nails, and skin, and boost the body’s energy levels.

3. What makes the Jeunesse MX20 water black in color?

Answer: The dark color of the Jeunesse MX20 is attributed to the biodegraded organic matter in the fulvic acid. The purification process has filtered the fulvic acid five times while retaining the beneficial trace minerals and electrolytes needed for balancing the pH levels in the body.

4. What is Organic Fulvic Acid?

Answer: The organic fulvic acid in Jeunesse MX20 is an easily absorbed, super nutrient, soil-based organism found in the ground and in water. Our bodies require fulvic acid for optimal health and it helps to improve our immune system responses, boost the health of the digestive system, increase antioxidants, improve cell hydration, improve daytime levels of energy, support more restful sleep and assist in the detoxification of metals from the body.

5. What is Organic Humic Acid?

Answer: Jeunesse MX20 contains organic humic acid. It is a substance that works in combination with organic fulvic acid to supply the body with dozens of trace minerals that are no longer plentiful in our food sources. These minerals are important for good health, longevity, biological functions that work to shield against diseases and illnesses. Organic humic acid helps to defend against viruses and the common cold, enhances energy levels, possesses anti-aging benefits by enhancing cell life, supports better sleep patterns, supports the breakdown of toxic pesticides and their removal from the body, boosts immune defenses and supports the reduction of free radicals

6. How do I use Jeunesse MX20?

Answer: Individuals can benefit from drinking 1 to 3 full bottles of MX20 daily. The Jeunesse MX20 drink is best when served chilled or over ice.

7. Who can benefit from using Jeunesse MX20?

Answer: The Jeunesse MX20 supplemental drink was formulated for all health-conscious individuals over the age of 18. For individuals under the age of 18, or if someone is on medications or has a health issue being monitored by a physician, it is advisable to consult with their personal doctor before adding any new supplements to their daily routine.


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