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Jeunesse NV 3D

Jeunesse NV 3D

The future of the perfect, complexion friendly, professional air brushed, flawless foundation has arrived. All three spray-on canisters in the all new Jeunesse NV 3D product line in sync with each other for an absolutely impeccable finished facial appearance that not only diminishes or blurs the signs of skin imperfections, they actually work to improve the health of your skin.
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Never before, and nowhere else, has there ever been an air brushed makeup finish without any of the pore clogging powders, creams and brushes. And now that old fashioned makeup process can be put in the history books because these NV products are so innovative, so picture perfect, and so easy for all skin types, for both men and women, that there will be no going back to powders and creams after you’ve tried Jeunesse NV-3D.

You would never think of starting your day without brushing your teeth for the recommended two minutes. And now, in less time than it takes to brush your teeth you can start your day with a radiant, youthful, flawless, rejuvenated complexion finish that not only lasts all day, but you’ll look as if your makeup was professionally applied, truly. Just as the name of the products implies, you will surely be the N-V of all your friends, family, and associates.

Each product in the Jeunesse NV line was created in consultation with a leading celebrity makeup artist and contains the Jeunesse exclusive APT-200 skin enhancing technology. To understand the super easy application process, please view the short video above.

The easy, three step process begins with a thoroughly cleansed face. You can use a facial wipe or get the nourishing benefits of the Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser. It is helpful to moisturize your face before applying the NV Primer, your skin can enjoy the double benefits of the Jeunesse APT-200 technology by applying a small amount of Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex. The moisturizer will act as an absorbent layer to grab onto and hold the primer in place all day. Now you are ready for the most amazing facial transformation application you’ll ever experience.

NV Primer
Step 1 uses the NV Primer to even out fine lines and wrinkles. Shake the container for a few seconds and then hold it 8 to 10 inches away from your face. Using a zig-zag motion, as shown in the video, mist your face down the center, from forehead to chin. Wait 10 seconds for formula to settle on your face before going to the next step. If your face appears moist, you may have used too much mist, and you can use a cosmetic sponge or cotton swab to gently dab away the excess mist. The primer is formulated to retain and extend the wear ability of the misting foundation.

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation

Step 2 uses the NV BB (Beauty Balm) Perfecting Mist Foundation. The mist foundation is available in 9 different shades, ensuring that there is a shade to suit every facial tone. The mist foundation also functions as an excellent concealer of under eye bags, facial imperfections, and even tattoos.

Just as you did with the Primer, shake the container for a few seconds, hold it 8 to 10 inches away from your face, close your eyes, and use the same zig-zag motion to mist your face down the center. Wait 10 seconds before using the NV puff, a cosmetic swab, or a makeup sponge to pat the mist dry around your under-eyes, nose, forehead, chin, along the jawline, and even along your décolletage. The foundation mist will blend seamlessly along your jaw and neck lines for a totally natural appearance.

One mist of the foundation provides a light finish. For a medium finish, mist your face a second time. For a full finish, mist your face a third time. Always wait at least 10 seconds between applications. The desired finished look is your personal preference.

NV Bronzer
Step 3 uses the NV Bronzer, applied in the same manner as the Primer and the Foundation. The bronzer is only available in a one shade, caramel, and it projects a warm, sun-kissed tone. Shake the container for a few seconds before applying and hold it 8 to 10 away from your face. Mist in the same manner as the foundation, down the center of your face. As an alternative to bronzing your entire face, you can spray a mist of the bronzer into the palm of your hand. Then, using the NV puff or cosmetic swab, dab a small amount along your cheek bones for a contoured look and dab a small amount lightly across your forehead and jawline, using a clean puff to blend in the mist.

Viola! Less than two minutes from start to finish and you now have a flawless, youthful, awesome, photo finish look. The application lasts for hours and will be as fresh in appearance at the end of the day as it was when you first applied it. If you are going out for the evening or a special occasion, adding eye makeup, mascara, and lip coloring will add another dramatic level for your already stunning appearance. This new line of Jeunesse products are so effective, you never need to fib about your age because the NV mists are so rejuvenating and youth enhancing, no one will believe you, even if you do tell the truth.

Your NV application can be removed with a makeup remover or facial wipe, or with Jeunesse Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser. You can keep all of the nourishing APT-200 exclusive formula’s beneficial skin care functioning overnight with an application of Jeunesse Luminesce Advanced Night Repair.

What are the ingredients in the NV products?

All three NV products contain the proprietary Jeunesse APT-200 polypeptide technology that works as an anti-aging agent to rejuvenate your skin while performing their everyday cosmetic benefits. There are antioxidants, aloe, and essential A and E vitamins in both the primer and the foundation that continuously nourish your skin and prevent additional makeup products and environmental pollutants from entering and clogging your pores.

Will the mists discolor my clothes?

Not at all. The mist that you see when applying the NV products is water that evaporates into the air. You can “color” test the mists by spraying a small amount over a white cosmetic pad or tissue. After the mist has evaporated, you’ll see that the pad or tissue is free of any tint or color, remaining as white as before the misting.

Why do I have to pull my hair back or cover it before using?

This is to ensure that your NV products are as effective as possible. Hair that is covering any part of your face will prevent the product from reaching your skin. That would mean that you are not getting the full benefits of the products.

Will the Primer leave a tint on my face?

No, the Primer is colorless, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and prepares your face for the flawless Perfection Mist foundation.

How does the NV foundation work as a concealer?

If you have any blemishes, imperfections, or facial tattoos that you want to cover up, spray a quick mist of the foundation into the palm of one hand and use an NV puff, cosmetic puff, or your fingertip to apply a small dab to the area you want to conceal. After it is concealed, you apply the foundation in the misting zig-zag motion down the center of your face, wait ten seconds, and then buff as desired for your complete photo finish appearance.

Jeunesse NV Before and After

Can I use the NV Puff more than once, or do I need to replace the puff every day?

The NV puffs are washable and reusable. For healthy, radiant skin, you want to use a clean, hygienic puff every time you apply the NV products. Just wash your NV puff with soap and water at the end of your daily makeup routine.

Will the products wear off or fade during the day?

That is the beauty with benefits when using the NV products. Unlike other foundation products that will fade or even cake up during the day, the NV products are both humidity and wear resistant. They will remain as fresh at the end of the day as they were when first applied in the morning.

Who will benefit from using the products?

All three NV products are formulated for all skin types and tones. They can be used by both men and women.

Are there any side effects from using the products?

No negative side effects have been reported from anyone using these products. That is not to say that some individuals may experience a negative reaction to the materials in the products. While this would be a very rare situation, if it does happen, stop using the products and consult with your dermatologist as this may be a sign of some other skin sensitivity.

Jeunesse NV Before and After
Jeunesse NV Before and After
Jeunesse NV Before and After

Are the NV products sold as a set or individually?

Because of individual shade selections, and a personal preference of whether to use or not use the NV Bronzer, the NV products are sold individually.


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