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Jeunesse Nevo

Jeunesse NEVO


Jeunesse NEVO is a caffeinated energy drink like no other energy drink you have had before. Jeunesse has improved on the positive performance affects you desire from an energy drink by replacing the normal source of caffeine with the nutritional caffeine found in the antioxidant profiles of green tea, the berries of the Guarana plant, and the leaves and twigs of the Yerba Mate plant. NEVO also contains a healthy amount of Vitamin C, Vitamins B-3, B-5, B-6, and B-12. There are 269 mL (9 ounces) in a can.

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All of the energy producing ingredients are combined in a healthy, nutritional drink that does not contain any artificial sweeteners. But each 269 mL, 9 ounce, can does contain 20% real fruit juice that provides a sweet tasting, energizing drink available in four very satisfying flavors:

  1. Lemon ginger
  2. Acai grape
  3. Mixed berry
  4. Peach mango

All of the flavors contain only 50 calories. When has a super performing drink ever delivered the desired energy boost and mental clarity that Jeunesse NEVO does while still being so tastefully tempting? And there is yet another added bonus. The all-natural caffeinated sources in NEVO will not over stimulate your nervous system as they are absorbed into your bloodstream for a more time released basis rather than the sudden ups and downs of a synthetic caffeine.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: As with any dietary change, anyone under the age of 18, anyone taking prescription medications, or women pregnant or nursing, should consult with their personal doctor before adding any new nutritional energy drink.

What makes Jeunesse NEVO more desirable than other energy drinks?

Quite simply, the all-natural ingredients in NEVO provide for a slower, steadier absorption of the nutrients into the blood stream for a longer lasting, enhanced performance level over the quick boost and fast depletion of other energy drinks.

Those ingredients include the natural caffeine sources from Green Tea, Guarana, and Yerba Mate. The beneficial Vitamins are the Ascorbic Acid of Vitamin C for antioxidant protection against free radicals; Niacin as Vitamin B3 for the production of energy; Pantothenic Acid as Vitamin B5 for building stamina and boosting immunity; Pyridoxine as Vitamin B6 for boosting energy and brain functions; and Riboflavin as Vitamin B12 for decreasing fatigue and boosting energy levels.


Cultivated originally in East Asia as a large shrub tree, green tea now grows throughout Asia and parts of the Middle East and Africa.


Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a Brazilian herb that is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). It has become a popular addition to energy drinks due to its natural caffeine content.

Yerba Mate Tea LeavesYERBA MATE

Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is native to subtropical South America in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

B6 Vitamin MoleculeVITAMINS

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

When is the best time to drink NEVO?

It is safe to drink a can once, or several times a day, with at least 4 hours between drinks. Drink a can in the morning instead of caffeinated coffee and you’ll be mentally awake for your day at the office. If you are looking for some extra energy for your fitness workouts, try drinking a can of NEVO about one hour before your physical activities. Because of the even deliver of energy metabolism, you will have the full increased energy benefits after one hour of consuming a can. It is not recommended to drink this product within a few hours of retiring for the night because the energy boosting effects may interfere with your natural sleep pattern.

Is it okay for children?

Jeunesse NEVO is an adult energy drink and it is not intended to be consumed by anyone under the age of 18. Young adults and children have the natural, energy producing capabilities without the need for additional boosting sources.


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