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Jeunesse Basic Pack 2

Jeunesse Basic Pack 2

Work from home in the hours that you choose by joining Jeunesse Global as a distributor. The Basic Pack 2 will give you a chance to sample the two most popular products in the Jeunesse Luminesce line (the Serum and Moisturizer), as well as the revolutionary Instantly Ageless and Reserve. Most importantly, the Jeunesse Basic Pack 2 will allow you membership access to begin benefiting financially with Jeunesse Global. Sign up as a distributor and you get your very own account, personal website and the ability to earn commissions straight away!

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The Jeunesse Basic Pack 2 is only available for purchase if you join Jeunesse. To sign up to Jeunesse a one-time yearly fee of just $38.05 is payable.

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The Jeunesse Basic Pack 2 contains the Luminesce Serum and Daily Moisturizer, plus Reserve and Instantly Ageless. As a Jeunesse Global distributor, not only will you experience the age-defying results for yourself; you’ll also have the opportunity to make a substantial income. This pack is just $291.53 – a huge saving compared to purchasing each product individually!


What’s Included in the Jeunesse Basic Pack 2?

Ways You Can Earn with Jeunesse

With a few sales, your Jeunesse Basic Pack 2 will be paid for and you’ll be at the start of your career in the highly-lucrative network marketing industry. Here are just a few of the revenue streams you’ll have access to with your Jeunesse membership.

For further details download the Jeunesse Compensation Plan.


1) Sell Products for Profit

You can sell Jeunesse products at retail prices and collect retail commission. Every item ordered is drop-shipped by Jeunesse to your customers, so there’s no need for you to stock the products. You can earn over 35% retail profit on each sale. With such generous profits, you could make a business solely out of retail sales, if you wish.


2) Sign Up New Members

With every new member you sign up to join Jeunesse, you’ll earn a new customer acquisition bonus. This bonus can range from $25.00 USD to $250.00 USD, depending on the membership pack your new member purchases.

Customer Acquisition Bonus


3) Earn Commissions Based on Your Team’s Performance

Benefit from the global distribution network by earning residual commissions based on your team members’ sales. With over 100 countries in the Jeunesse network, you can earn income in your sleep while a team-mate in Canada signs up new members!

Team Commission


4) Earn 20% Leadership Matching Bonus

When you reach certain leadership levels within the Jeunesse commission program, you’ll earn leadership matching bonuses. For example, if you reach Pearl Executive by personally enrolling 8 Executives (minimum of 2 in each team) or 12 Distributors (minimum of 3 in each team) you’ll receive a 20% matching team bonus on your personally enrolled (level 1) and 15% on level 2.

Jeunesse Leadership Matching Bonus


5) Customer Acquisition Incentive

You can earn an additional 5% on your personally enrolled associates if you have 5 retail customers, preferred customers or wholesale customers, and an additional 10% if you have 10 retail customers, wholesale customers or preferred customers (within any given month).


6) High-Level Leadership Bonuses

As you earn your way up the stairway to success, you’ll have access to more bonus opportunities and chances to earn luxurious holidays to Jeunesse leadership conferences. Further details are available in the Jeunesse Compensation Plan.

Jeunesse Lifestyle Rewards


Jeunesse Basic Pack 2
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