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October 22, 2018 Written by Brad Russell

Everything You Need to Know About Jeunesse in 2018

Jeunesse is a company that is dedicated to helping bring the fountain of youth to those who want ageless vitality and beautiful skin. Unfortunately, the aging process is not always kind and can cause many people to experience premature lines and wrinkles that make them look older than they like.

Jeunesse helps people to turn back the hands of time so they can rediscover their younger-looking selves and gain confidence like never before. Their products are known the world over.
Skin Care Jeunesse

History of Jeunesse

Most people who set out to purchase skincare products want to learn as much as they possibly can about a company before they take the plunge and purchase.

Jeunesse was founded by visionaries, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who worked tirelessly to bring their youth enhancement products to the masses. They knew these products would change lives and they have.

The pair believed so much in the products they had developed, they decided to come out of retirement and share them with the world.

They chose a special launch date of September 09, 2009 at 9:00 p.m., simply because the number nine represents longevity. The company is focused on helping their clients do more than simply survive. Jeunesse is all about thriving!

Jeunesse works to empower people of all ages and walks of life, helping them to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from feeling confident in their own skin. The products they offer are revolutionary and they are changing lives one person at a time.

Jeunesse Has Set the Bar Higher

luminesceFamilySince 5th century BC, tales of the Fountain of Youth have sent mankind searching for this special spring which with one drink, could restore youth to the drinker.

Although this spring does not appear to exist, people still look for ways to turn back time and shed their aging appearance.

Jeunesse may not be able to offer the elusive Fountain of Youth, but their product line brings youth and vitality to individuals and the results of these products are astounding.

Jeunesse offers a wide range of Products from nutritional supplements to skin care lines. They believe to look younger, a person must become younger from the inside out.

It is not enough to simply place a topical solution on the skin. Becoming more youthful begins with fostering good health inside the body, right down to the cellular level.

Their understanding of this important truth is why Jeunesse is such a remarkable company. Their products are created with the understanding that good health shows all over a person’s face. When the health of the body has been neglected, aging quickly sets in.

No one wants to look their age, especially when they begin to grow older. Now, individuals have the opportunity to embrace their age, without feeling or looking like it.

Jeunesse is all about fostering confidence in people who want to rediscover their youth. They offer:

Middle aged woman looking at wrinkles in mirror
  • Innovation
  • Better health
  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Rejuvenation
  • Clarity
  • Energy
  • Defense

What other youth enhancement product line could possibly offer all that Jeunesse does? Anyone who has even attempted to use other products finds them inferior.

Jeunesse has clearly raised the bar and other youth enhancement lines simply cannot reach the heights Jeunesse has.

If you have found fine lines and wrinkles are slowly encroaching upon your face, Jeunesse can help. Let’s embark on this journey and help you learn all you possibly can about the company and their products so you can make up your mind.

Jeunesse 101: Everything You Need to Know

Those who have never heard of Jeunesse and all the company has to offer are often amazed at what they learn, simply by visiting the website and becoming familiar with the Jeunesse story.

In this section, you are going to learn everything you can possibly learn about the company and what they offer. This exhaustive information is meant to open your eyes and help you see for yourself just why you need to try their products.

Jeunesse NV 3DWhat does Jeunesse mean? Jeunesse is French for “Youth” and is the perfect name for a company that is focused on youth enhancement products that work to improve the health and vitality of the entire person, not just their skin.

Why is Jeunesse different? Jeunesse believes so strongly in their products, their employees are customers too. They stand behind their products 100%, which is something very few product lines can accomplish.

How does Jeunesse create new products? Jeunesse works with a team of medical professionals, including doctors and nutritionists. The team works together to develop the very best products for nutrition and skin health, so individuals can truly experience youthfulness.

Do you have to purchase the entire skin care line? Although Jeunesse has created their Luminesce line to work synergistically, this does not mean using one product alone will give inferior results.

Better results will be achieved when the entire line of products is used in conjunction with one another, but it certainly is not a requirement.

Jeunesse Luminesce SerumDo you have to become a member to purchase Jeunesse products? No, you do not have to become a member to purchase Jeunesse products. If you choose, you can become a Preferred Customer and save up to 35% on the Jeunesse products you purchase, with no obligation.

Does Jeunesse offer a guarantee? Jeunesse is so certain their customers will love their products, they offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product for a refund.

What is APT-200? APT-200 is a highly advanced ingredient that was developed by Jeunesse. This growth factor is able to offer astonishing healing results, such as the following.

  • Healing
  • Repair
  • Rejuvenation
  • Scar treatment

Jeunesse Luminesce Advanced Night Repair Cream

This formula is exclusively provided by Jeunesse, which means you cannot purchase any other skincare product with this proprietary ingredient.

Stem cell treatments are on the rise and with the ATP-200 stem cell growth factor, amazing results can be achieved, even with moderate to severe skin damage. ATP-200 is exclusively found in Jeunesse’ Luminesce line of products.

What are the benefits of Jeunesse energy drinks? Most people have tried an energy drink to help them get through a long day or overcome a lack of sleep.

Although all energy drinks contain caffeine, Jeunesse has created an energy drink that is more beneficial than others.

This drink contains no artificial sweeteners or colors and it is low-calorie. The benefits of these drinks include the following.

  • Contains real fruit juices
  • Loaded with beneficial B vitamins
  • Only 50 calories
  • Tastes delicious and refreshing

Jeunesse Luminesce CleanserDoes Jeunesse offer a weight loss line? Jeunesse would not be able to boast of their complete line of products if they did not provide a weight loss program that offers proven results.

The Zen Program offers eight weeks of easy-to-follow phases that come complete with all of the premium Zen products and coaching support for greater success.

What awards has Jeunesse won? As of 2018, Jeunesse has been honored with over 323 awards and this number continues to grow.

From being ranked as one of the 5000 fastest growing companies to having won 8 Women World Awards, the company continues to shine and reach for higher levels each and every day.

Who does the Jeunesse team consist of? If we were to name every person involved in the Jeunesse team, this article would end up being extremely long.

The Jeunesse team is comprised of a wide array of professionals, from the founders to a team of physicians, and many others.

Jeunesse does not consider their team to be filled with employees. They consider the entire team to be family and they work together as one unit, producing youth enhancement products that transform lives.

If you would like to learn more about some of the team members, click here.You will be amazed at the number of business and medical professionals who are working together to develop new Jeunesse products.

Jeunesse Luminesce Hydrashield MaskIs Jeunesse involved with any charities? A strong company such as Jeunesse cannot boast of empowering people if they do not help the most innocent of the population.

With Jeunesse Kids™, they are able to provide help for impoverished children living in poor communities throughout the world. They consistently work to raise funds and appreciate all donations, which provide for the desperate needs of children of all ages.

How do AM and PM Essentials Work? Two of the most popular supplements in the Jeunesse lineup are the AM Essentials and PM Essentials.

AM Essentials contains a host of vitamins and minerals that give the body what it needs to function throughout the day. This formula helps to flood the body with energy, so you are ready to face your day.

PM Essentials offers restorative vitamins and minerals to help aid the body in entering deep sleep so that cellular healing can begin.

When these formulas are used together, as directed, amazing results can occur. People find they have more energy during the day and are able to sleep more soundly at night, waking refreshed and ready to start their day with a smile.

Jeunesse Instantly AgelessWhat is MonaVie Active™? When people begin learning about the many products Jeunesse offers, they are amazed at the variety. Although there are many products, the vast majority of these are meant to work together to create true youth and vitality.

MonaVie Active™ is an essential product in the Jeunesse line. This astounding antioxidant blend contains a total of nineteen fruits that are known for their healing properties.

This drink helps the body to fight free radicals which cause cell destruction and can lead to cancer cell growth. This super fruit blend is sure to improve your health and help defend it. Here are just a few of the fruit juices this elixir contains.

  • Acai Berry
  • Blueberry
  • Cranberry
  • Blackberry
  • Cherry
  • Elderberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Wolfberry

Do Jeunesse products help brain function? A big part of looking younger begins with thinking younger. As we age, the brain sometimes begins experiencing problems being able to recall memories.

Jeunesse has created a fundamental brain supplement called M1ND. This clinically proven brain supplement contains CERA-Q™ and a host of other ingredients, including GABA.

This innovative supplement helps people in the following areas.

  • Remember facts much faster
  • Experience thought clarity
  • Longer attention span
  • Remember names
  • Deeper concentration
  • Remember words

Having a youthful brain that is able to function at a higher level offers benefits to a person in every area of their life.

Where does Jeunesse ship its products? Jeunesse ships to over 88 markets all over the world, including the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Their products are loved by people all over the world.

Does Jeunesse offer any hair care products? As we have discussed, Jeunesse is an innovative company that is working to offer youth enhancement products for all areas of the body, including the hair.

For a youthful and vital appearance, a vibrant head of hair is a must. The RVL Reveal line of hair care products will completely transform the health of your hair, by working at the root level.

Jeunesse offers an Ultra Refining Shampoo, Multi-Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner, and a Scalp Infusion Treatment.

These products can be used separately, but work most effectively together. They can be purchased individually or as a set.

Can individuals sell Jeunesse products? Jeunesse offers an awesome opportunity for those who want to make a steady income while offering the Jeunesse products they believe in.

With expert training and a full package of benefits, it is no wonder so many people are joining the Jeunesse team and loving every minute of it.

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Discover Jeunesse’ Most Popular Products

While we have already delved into a few of the products Jeunesse offers, it is time to learn more about some of their most popular products so you will know which ones will offer you the most benefits.

Naara Is the Elixer That Brings Beautiful Skin

As we have discussed throughout this article, it is not enough to simply rub your skin down with some skincare product and expect it to work miracles. For truly beautiful skin to emerge, you need to nourish your entire body.

Why is overall nutrition so important for skin health?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the appearance of our skin is in direct correlation with our health. Without proper nutrition and hydration, your skin is going to be dry and will not spring back as youthful skin should.

What Is Naara?

Naara is a delicious drink mix that floods the body with TruMarine™ Collagen. Naara takes an inside-out approach to healing the skin and offering a more youthful appearance. This special drink mix offers the following benefits.

  • Increases skin hydration for supple skin
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles for smoother skin
  • Promotes increases in collagen production
  • Visible results can be seen as soon as four weeks


Naara contains a host of ingredients that have been clinically proven to fight free radicals and enhance collagen production. Collagen is a critical component in the body and is important for all cellular growth.

Collagen is found in abundance in young skin, but as we age, our collagen production begins to dwindle. Without ample collagen, the skin does not spring back after showing facial expressions, which leads to lines, wrinkles, and furrowing. Naara contains the following eight superfruits.

Jeunesse Naara

  • Acai Berry
  • Tangerine
  • Pomegranate
  • Acerola
  • Cherry
  • Grape Seed
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry

These fruits flood the body with antioxidants, which work to destroy free radicals that cause cell destruction and increase the dangers of tumor formation. In addition to these beneficial fruits, Naara contains the following vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

  • Zinc
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Panthothenic Acid
  • Niacin

Each prepared drink mix provides an astonishing 5,000 mg of TruMarine™ Collagen, which is the highest-quality collagen available on the market. This collagen helps to replace the depleted stores in the body, for healthier, more youthful skin.

How Do You Use Naara?

Naara is a delicious orange drink you will look forward to consuming each day. Simply mix one packet of Naara with 6.7 fluid ounces of fresh water. Naara’s formula dissolves easily and should be stirred until the powder is completely dissolved. Drink immediately for the best results. Naara should be taken once a day.

How to Purchase Naara

Those who try Naara are amazed at how beautiful and youthful their skin begins to look in as few as four weeks. Each box of Naara comes with 15 packets of tangerine-flavored drink mix.

Order Naara Here Now!
Jeunesse Naara background

Introducing Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse has created many products over the years and each of them drums up an insane level of excitement among customers. Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is no exception!

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless has quickly become one of the fastest-selling Jeunesse products in the line. Those who use this product are thrilled with the results and you will be too!

What Is Instantly Ageless?

Instantly Ageless is one of the most powerful microcreams on the planet. It allows for instantaneous results that encourage individuals to gain confidence in their appearance. Instantly Ageless offers the following benefits.

  • See results within two minutes
  • Reduces under-eye bags
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreases pore size
  • Visibly tones the skin
  • Visibly lifts the skin
  • Results last six to nine hours

Target Areas For Instantly Ageless

No one wants to look old and tired and with Instantly Ageless, you can look young and vibrant any time you like. Many people are surprised to learn how Instantly Ageless can be used to treat multiple facial areas. The following are the prime targets for this brilliant cream.

  • Forehead – Smoothes horizontal lines
  • Eyebrows – Smoothes those embarrassing fine lines and wrinkles and lifts the brow
  • Under-eye- Smoothes bags and crow’s feet
  • Eyes – Smoothes the eyelid and under-eye wrinkles
  • Face – Tightens pores and makes them appear smaller
Who wouldn’t be excited about results like the above! With Instantly Ageless, you can have beautifully flawless skin within a couple of minutes and the results will last up to nine hours.

Naara na splash oranges

How to Apply Instantly Ageless

As with all skin care products, proper use is crucial for getting the best results. This cream is so easy to apply and seeing the almost instantaneous results is what keeps this product at the top of sale’s charts.

To use, simply place a small amount on your fingertips and gently pat the cream into place. Instantly Ageless is so powerful, it only takes a small amount to see results.

Once the cream has been applied, it is important to keep your face completely still until the cream is fully dry. You can fan the area to help speed up the drying process.

Instantly Ageless can be worn alone or under makeup. To see your amazing results in a unique way, try applying Instantly Ageless to only half your face and then doing a side-by-side comparison. You are guaranteed to be astonished!

How to Purchase Instantly Ageless

After reading all of the benefits, you must want to try Instantly Ageless for yourself. This product is so exciting because you do not have to wait months or even weeks to see the results.

Simply apply, wait a couple of minutes, and admire your more youthful complexion.

Order Instantly Ageless Here!

Say YES to the Youth Enhancement System

Since its launch, Jeunesse has quickly risen as one of the most well-respected skin care companies in the world. The reason for their rapid success is based on an unparalleled volume of medical professionals who work together to create truly effective products that help individuals to realize youth is not only for the young.

Jeunesse is a cutting-edge skin care company that focuses on using the latest advancements in anti-aging technology to create products that truly offer stunning results.

Jeunesse’s ingenious Youth Enhancement System is built upon six vital products that work in conjunction, to restore youth and vitality, both inside and out.

  1. The Luminesce Skin Care Line Order Here!
  2. Reserve Order Here!
  3. Instantly Ageless Order Here!
  4. Finiti Order Here!
  5. AM/PM Essentials Order Here!
  6. ZEN Order Here!

If you are ready to truly see results, purchase all six of these Jeunesse products and allow them to work together to transform you from the inside out. The Youth Enhancement System will completely change your skincare routine and make it streamlined so you are more easily able to stick with the program and begin seeing results.

Once you begin using these products, you are never going to want to run out. The best way to keep your supply of beneficial Jeunesse products is to sign up for the auto-ship option. With auto-ship, you will never have to worry about running out of your favorite Jeunesse products.

So, now you know all about Jeunesse and the many brilliant products they offer. Now, it’s time for you to begin experiencing them for yourself.

Start Your Order Now!

Remember: You will have a full thirty days to try these products. If you are not completely satisified, Jeunesse offers a 100% unconditional money back guarantee

Still not convinced? Check out our customer reviews!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to transform your health and enhance your youth with clinically proven products that truly work!

It is time for you to reclaim your youth and vitality!

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