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What Are Telomeres





Strengthen and Lengthen Your DNA Protective Ends with FINITI

There is a belief that during the average human lifetime, our DNA cells are replaced some 50 to 70 times. Our DNA cells are held together in strands, throughout our bodies, by protective end caps called telomeres. As our bodies go through each consecutive cycle, the protective end caps become weaker and shorter, and eventually […]

Jeunesse NV Before and After





Jeunesse NV Products and Your Fabulous, Flawless, Photo-Finish Foundation

Less than one year ago, Jeunesse increased their Youth Enhancing System (Y.E.S.) when they launched their line of NV products. These products are so outstanding that they have actually revolutionized the field of cosmetic perfection. Their proven results have been so amazing that they often sell out faster than they can become available. First of […]

Zen Bodi Project 8





Zen Bodi Program 8 Expands Internationally

If you are a health and fitness fanatic, you have already heard about the Zen Bodi Program 8 system that was introduced one year ago in the USA by Jeunesse. And, if you are seriously thinking about starting a health and fitness program, you’ll definitely want to know about the Zen Bodi Program 8 system. […]

2017 Best Year Yet





Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

With the arrival of January, you’ve probably been told by family, friends, co-workers, and associates to have a healthy, prosperous, and a happy New Year. We all want the New Year to be great and we create our plans by making resolutions to achieve those aspirations, only to see most of those resolutions fall by […]

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