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Jeunesse Lifestyle RewardsWhether you’re a beginner to MLM/direct sales or a seasoned entrepreneur, the Jeunesse business opportunity makes it possible for you to have the rewarding lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

With multiple ways to earn on the Jeunesse compensation plan, the industry’s best products, and easy-to-use sales tools, your road to financial freedom starts here.


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We have international teams in USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Spain and UK. We have teams across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

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Paths to the MLM Jeunesse Business Lifestyle

Jeunesse has created a four-part synergistic business model to help your Jeunesse MLM business. The four paths to success are:

1.) Clinically-Proven Products

Jeunesse has utilised the most advanced medical research in adult stem cell technology, telomere lengthening and peptide therapy to design a holistic line of personal care and nutrition products called the Jeunesse Youth Enhancing System (Y.E.S.). You’ll see amazing results and your customers will too. Great products are vital for any business! Want proof? See some of our customer reviews here.

2.) Connections

When you join the Jeunesse business opportunity, you have the privilege to meet and learn from sales leaders who want to see you enjoy the kind of success they’ve achieved. We’re in the direct downline of the 2nd top Jeunesse MLM earner in the world, Lyndon Biernoff, and have direct access to his sales tips, webinars and monthly meetings in cities across the world.

3.) Cutting-edge Technology

Our digital distribution platform has been designed with the latest in direct-selling technology to make it easy for you to make sales and sign up new members. The world will be your marketplace with your own website and online marketing tools. You can earn income on your own schedule and tap the full potential of your social network with the J-Mobile social media marketing system (watch the video below). Plus, you don’t have to stock the products. They are drop-shipped straight to customers from the nearest distribution center!

4.) The #1 Compensation Plan

The Jeunesse compensation plan is an unparalleled compensation plan for members at all levels of the global network. As you earn your way up the stairway to success, you’ll have access to exclusive bonus incentives and travel rewards. The Jeunesse leadership team strives to create a rich culture of success and will keep you motivated and having fun. Learn more about the Jeunesse compensation plan below.

Ways You Can Earn with The Jeunesse Compensation Plan

Here are just a few of the revenue streams you’ll have access to with the Jeunesse business opportunity.

 >> For further details download the 2017 Jeunesse Compensation Plan.

Jeunesse Compensation Plan Benefits

1) Retail Sales

You can sell Jeunesse products at retail prices and collect retail commission. Every item ordered is drop-shipped by Jeunesse to your customers, so there’s no need for you to stock the products.


2) Sign Up New Members

With every new member you sign up to join Jeunesse, you’ll earn a new customer acquisition bonus. This bonus can range from $25.00 USD to $250.00 USD, depending on the membership pack your new member purchases.

Customer Acquisition Bonus


3) Earn Commissions Based on Your Team’s Performance

Benefit from the global distribution network by earning residual commissions based on your team members’ sales. With over 100 countries in the Jeunesse MLM network, you can earn income in your sleep while a team-mate in Canada, South Africa, USA or any other country signs up new members!

Team Commission


4) Earn 20% Leadership Matching Bonus

When you reach certain leadership levels within the Jeunesse commission program, you’ll earn leadership matching bonuses. For example, if you reach Pearl Executive by personally enrolling 8 Executives (minimum of 2 in each team) or 12 Distributors (minimum of 3 in each team) you’ll receive a 20% matching team bonus on your personally enrolled (level 1) and 15% on level 2.

Leadership Matching Bonus


5) Customer Acquisition Incentive

You can earn an additional 5% on your personally enrolled associates if you have 5 retail customers, preferred customers or wholesale customers, and an additional 10% if you have 10 retail customers, wholesale customers or preferred customers (within any given month).


6) High-Level Leadership Bonuses

As you earn your way up the stairway to success, you’ll have access to more bonus opportunities and chances to earn luxurious holidays to Jeunesse MLM leadership conferences. Further details are available in the Jeunesse Compensation Plan.

Here’s a recent holiday to Hawaii that was won by people in the Jeunesse MLM opportunity:


Join Jeunesse and Start Your Journey!

If you’ve dreamed of making money on your own terms, connecting with a supportive network of proven leaders, and providing people with life-changing products and experiences, you’re a perfect candidate for the Jeunesse business opportunity.



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