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August 24, 2017 Written by Brad Russell

3 Ways Exercise Benefits Your Skin

It is nearly impossible to list all of the health and wellness benefits of exercise. Without a doubt, from the time before toddlers learn to talk, they are moving about with boundless energy. And, as they grow up, they learn how exercising can target and improve their bodies, from the inside out, and from their toes to the top of their heads.

In addition to keeping to the extra pounds off, strengthening the heart and lungs, gaining lots of energy, enhancing personal confidence, and improving circulation and mental sharpness, exercising has amazing benefits for your skin.
Exercise Benefits Your Skin
Want to know three amazing benefits to be gained from regular exercising? Here they are:

3 Skin Benefits Gained from Exercising

1. Body Skin – Arms and Legs

Every cell in the body needs the protein collagen to remain firm, supple, and youthful. Exercising enables the body’s blood vessels that are close to the skin’s surface, to open up, which enriches, or oxygenates, the body’s blood concentration. The results of the body’s internal systems are seen as tighter and healthier muscle tone, especially in the legs, hips, butts, and arms. And those results definitely translate into more sculptured and beautiful skin tone.

2. Torso Skin – Stomach and Love-Handles

The body has two different types of fat. One type, subcutaneous, results in the “love handles” that is well controlled with stretching and strengthening exercises. This pinch-able fat may be uncomfortable, but it is not deadly. The other type, visceral, is what settles around the organs in the stomach area. Visceral fat, if left in place can contribute to a number of serious ailments because of its ability to interfere with hormone balances.

Regular exercise increases the body’s mitochondria and vital proteins that push more fatty acids into the cells that will convert and burn the fat as energy. This action is further enhanced by the increased production of essential enzymes during exercising that will break down the visceral fat. The end results? A slimmer, trimmer body that both feels healthy and looks amazing.

3. Facial Skin – Complexion and Dark Circles

Skin ComplexionThe same need for collagen that nourishes every cell in the body will produce dramatic results on the facial skin tone. Lack of the protein collagen is the enabler of fine lines and wrinkles. During exercise, when the tiny blood vessels dilate, there is an increase in the circulation of enriched blood, hormones that help prevent free radical damage from environmental pollutants and sunlight, and the production of the protein collagen. Exercising enables the collagen producing cells to increase their efficiency, and this action results in a more glowing, firm, and youthful facial appearance, including tighter chin and neck muscles. Yes, exercise is a true benefit for reversing the facial time clock.

Exercise also reduces the body’s stress levels. This enables the body to combat insomnia and to enjoy more restful sleep. The benefit of restful sleep lets the body perform its natural, required repair systems, including skin repair, during the sleep cycle. Chronic sleeplessness not only leaves the body sluggish, but it also is shown on the face in the form of dark circles under the eyes. When a person is able to relax and sleep better, the morning is greeted with positive energy and no dark circles. With good down time, who needs any dark blemish makeup cover? Exercise is a super way to look and feel healthy and beautiful in your own skin.

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